Dr. Runvijay

PositionYoga & Naturopathy (Co-Founder & Chief Yoga Mentor @KarmaSpark)


  • Masters in Physical Education, Three year P G Dip. In Naturopathy & Yogic Science; M.A. Meditation & Yoga;
  • Three-time medal winner at the All India Inter-University Yoga Championships.
  • His education in both ¬¬Yoga and Physical Education, makes him proficient in translating benefits of Yoga to current frameworks of scientific descriptions.
  • Teaching yoga since the last 15 years, Dr. Runvijay has helped CEOs & other highly placed corporate employees, Doctors and sportspeople achieve their full potential through Yoga and also conquer chronic diseases and overcome critical medical conditions. He also taught Yoga at prestigious institutions like the DLF Golf & Country Club, Tetrapak and DuPont.
  • While his students benefited tremendously, he also saw how modern lifestyles do not allow Yoga to be a daily habit. So Dr. Runvijay felt inspired to start KarmaSpark to bring authentic Yoga into the modern lifestyle and leave no excuse for anyone to miss Yoga! He specially crafted lifestyle-appropriate yoga modules and envisioned the always-available approach to Yoga practicing.
  • He strongly believes Yoga is something to be done, to be experienced, and not something to just read about.
  • Dr Runvijay is also a Sports Authority of India (SAI) awardee.