PCOD and Pregnancy: Get out of the trap

IVF can be a big decision specially if PCOD is complicating pregnancy outcomes. Read on, to learn more about getting out of the PCOD <-> Pregnancy trap.

PCOD or PCOS refers to PolyCystic Ovarian Disorder or Disease or Syndrome. This hormonal imbalance condition is increasingly more common among Indian women. It tends to progress in stages from bad to worse to nasty.

PCOD first shows up as irregular menstrual cycles. Soon, insulin resistance starts making weight difficult to lose. Stubborn weight, bad skin and acne start robbing the woman of her natural beauty and affect her self-confidence. Hormonal imbalances create wider mood swings, and start damaging relationships. Still, women get by. They’re the stronger gender, after all. But as the woman gets to late twenties, PCOD plays its worse trump card – infertility.PCOD also increases chances of ovarian / breast cancer, cardiac troubles, diabetes and more. PCOD over many years robs beauty, fertility, health, relationships and money – that’s why it is often called the “Thief of Feminity”.

Age is a risk to becoming pregnant, as premature menopause has become more common

Natural menopause age is 45 years on average. Few years before menopause, the ability to conceive starts reducing quickly. But with PCOD, chances of early or premature menopause are much higher. 4% women reach premature menopause between 29 and 34 years, and another 8% between 35 and 39 years. The leading cause is Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) which is closely linked to PCOD / PCOS. Since the ability to conceive drops before menopause set in, many urban Indian women suffer very reduced fertility as early as their late 20’s or early 30’s.

Unfortunately, PCOD is not diagnosed in many women. When diagnosed, there is often a hope that the problem will ‘go away’. Meanwhile, it is common to rely on temporary relief such as steroid hormone drugs, laser hair removal etc to cope with the disorder’s symptoms.

‘Lose weight to cure PCOD’ is a common myth. But as a result, many women resort to intensive gymming and harmful diet control specially carbohydrate-deprivation. Ironically, intensive-workout-regimes are proven to reduce fertility! Of course, moderate exercise is great for health and it helps reduce symptoms such as menstrual pain and controls weight-gain. But neither moderate nor intensive exercise are adequate for reversal of PCOD.

Even surgically removing the cysts doesn’t help cure PCOD or improve fertility – because root cause is hormonal imbalance. The cysts usually come back. And specific to pregnancy, there is little data to show that only surgical removal of cysts helps improve chances of pregnancy or lowers risk during pregnancy.  But, if cancer is suspected, surgical removal of cysts or tumors is a good option.


In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Inter-Uterine Insemination (IUI) and other techniques can artificially boost chances of conceiving and form the embryo.

But, as a scientist said, PCOD messes the hormone system, and pregnancy messes the hormone system. If Pregnancy is achieved in PCOD condition, there’s a bound to be a fight between them! Simply put, PCOD creates a hostile environment for the embryo.

Miscarriage risk can be as high as 1 in 2 in early pregnancy of women with PCOD / PCOS. Even if the baby survives to full-term, there is a high risk of complications during delivery, premature delivery, the baby developing metabolic and reproductive dysfunction.

As a result, both the woman & her family might face a huge emotional trauma as well as monetary loss. Going in for repeated IVF or IUI attempts further multiply the emotional pain, and for many families the monetary burden is also unbearable.

Betting on IVF / IUI are expensive gambles if you have PCOD / PCOS

Artificial fertility techniques can be very expensive, after adding the cost of various diagnostics, supporting drugs which are typically steroid hormones and the procedures etc. Also each attempt carries only a percentage of success. With PCOD, probability of achieving success in the first attempt is very low.

Spending Rs 1.5 lacs to Rs 3 lacs per IVF cycle, and repeating it 2 to 3 times, can wipe out the entire savings of a middle-class Indian household. And all this cost to incur huge risks during pregnancy.

PS – an ethical IVF / IUI specialist will tell you about the above risks and total-cycle costs BEFORE you get into the treatment. If not, you need to ask about pregnancy risks with PCOD, as well as total cost-estimates of the cycle of the treatment. It is your body, your life and your money!

Solution? First become FREE from PCOD !

Pregnancy with PCOD is a very tricky situation – both to become pregnant, as well as the many risks during pregnancy. Instead, we recommend you first become Free from PCOD !

With Clinical Yoga Therapy, there are now clinical results which show that cysts go away, normalization of hormones and menstrual cycle. Measured with traditional diagnostics like Ultra Sound / Blood tests etc. There are also happy side effects like weight loss, skin quality improvement, insulin normalization, thyroid rebalance, cholesterol profile improvement. The therapy is a rare instance of delivering at least some guaranteed results and with no side-effects. Globally, the movement towards ‘Yoga as Medicine’ is growing rapidly, since it improves healthcare outcomes at very low costs compared to traditional ‘disease management’ approach.

Ever wondered why 200 countries voted to have an ‘International Day of Yoga’? It’s probably not for the love of inner peace or India. It’s because of the amazing power of ‘Yoga As Medicine‘ to deliver hard healthcare outcomes and also preventive medicinal value of ‘General Yoga‘.

Some of our patients have told us they’ve been ‘doing Yoga, but it didn’t help’. Yes, ‘general Yoga’ is great for prevention. But once PCOD or PCOS has set in, there is a need for targeted, customized Clinical Yoga Therapy under the guidance of highly qualified professionals. (Read more on this topic in our published case studies on our website www.KarmaSpark.com/blog or Facebook page  www.Facebook.com/KarmaSparkYoga/

Make Pregnancy YOUR choice.

Once you are Free from PCOD, you then have best of both worlds. If you have time on your side, you can try for pregnancy the natural way. Or if you prefer to go in for IVF or IUI, you have much higher probability of conception at the first attempt. And either ways, you won’t face the scary pregnancy risks of PCOD.





Becoming Free from PCOD / PCOS changes your life.       

We’re here to help, if you want.

– KarmaSpark Clinical Team





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